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About Us

The World’s First Muslim Spelling Bee Competition has been conceived and promoted by TMA Worldwide, a marketing communications group with interests in combining Educational Endeavors with Advertising, Marketing, Publication, and Media.

The concept of the competition is based on verse 96:1 of Surat Al-Alaq (Quran Majeed), with the sole objective of “Connecting Communities” through education.  Insha’Allah, the World’s First Muslim Spelling Bee will also be launched in other English speaking countries, such as Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Dubai , Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.  The winners from each country will then get an opportunity to participate in the International Muslim Spelling Bee Competition.

 TMA Worldwide is also working towards launching other educational competitions in the subjects of Science, Technology, Math, and Geography, Insha’Allah!  It is our hope to bring a platform for our Muslim children where they can come together and compete while having fun and learn important life skills!