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About Us

The World’s First Muslim Spelling Bee competition is conceived and promoted by TMA Worldwide, a marketing communications group with interests in Advertising, Marketing, Publication, Education and New Media. The premise of the competition is based on Surat Al-Alaq Quran Majeed Ayat 96:1 and the objective of the competition is “Connecting Communities” through education.

InshaAllah, World’s First Muslim Spelling Bee will be also launched in other English speaking countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Dubai , Singapore, Australia & New Zealand. Winners from each country will participate in coveted International Muslim Spelling Bee.

InsaAllah, TMA Worldwide will also launch Muslim Science Bee, Muslim Math Bee, Muslim Geography Bee and Muslim Science Projects to empower educated students to benefit themselves and their communities and countries. Ameen.SumaAmeen.

Advisory Team

Prof.Asad Zafir Hassan, World – renowned Professor in Business & Finance.
Dr. Tausif Malik, Founder -TMA Worldwide, Muslim Spelling Bee,, GCCStartup.News and Asianlite USA
Saeeda Ahmed, Founder – renowned educationist


The World’s First Annual North American Muslim Spelling Bee is a unique way of targeting to the Muslim Americans. Two research studies conducted by JWT & Ogilvy of WPP Group give key insights about Muslim Americans and opportunity for marketers and advertisers. According to JWT 2007 study titled “One of America’s “biggest hidden niche markets‟ informs that the American Muslim consumers are a neglected market but they offer a huge potential for brands that are willing to connect with them and the other research study by Ogilvy Noor research reveals that 86% of American Muslim consumers believe that American companies “need to make more of an effort to understand Muslim values,” but at exactly the same time they are feeling largely ignored by American brands and companies, with 98% feeling that American brands “don’t actively reach out to Muslim consumers.” This despite these consumers showing the potential to be an extremely loyal customer base, with over 80% saying that they would prefer to buy brands that support Muslim identity through promotion and celebration of religious festivals. The other research study by Ogilvy 2010 titled ‘Brands, Islam and the New Muslim Consumer’ the Muslim consumer is viewed as a critically important segment for marketers, with the Halal segment alone worth US $2.1 trillion, and growing at US $500 billion annually. Hence the Muslim Spelling Bee offers tremendous potential to the advertisers and communicates their brands and relationships to Muslim Audience.
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World’s First Muslim Spelling Bee contest would like to thank all the Strategic partners & media sponsors.

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